We help roof-moss removal
businesses get more customers.

The largest roof-moss removal franchise
in Scandinavia received $30k in new business
per location from our first campaign with them.

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Results for selected clients

Increased revenue by 15% within 3 months, halved the lead cost, and generated over 60 scheduled home visits for roof cleaning and property washing.

After just 1 month, 38 homeowners had requested a quote for roof cleaning which resulted in $25k in added revenue for the business.

Within the span of 3 months, we received 90 quote inquiries for the purchase of new roofs.

How does the process work?


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Now, you'll get notifications in your email/SMS/CRM with homeowners who are ready to sell.

Hi! I'm Anton, but
People Call Me "The Moss Man"

You probably don’t know me, but I have a really cool nickname – I'm known as "The Moss Man”.

Here's the simple reason why:
I worked with so many people in the roof-moss industry, that i just became known as the Moss Man.

But it wasn't always like this.

It all started when i joined a newly started roof-moss removal business as part of their sales team.

Just three months in, and boom – I helped them increase their revenue by 15% while reducing their marketing expenses by over 80% with a ROAS over 400%

Anton Franzen
Founder of Moss Leads

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You will have a complete understanding of how everything will work.